How does one begin to design a space? It starts with a dream and ends with a space to live, work, host, let, dance, create and just be in.

We work together with our clients to create a space that’s perfect for them, from the first paper sketch to the moment they open the door on the finished, furnished space.


This is where the magic starts. This is the part where you tell us everything you'd love to see in your dream space, from the number of people who will use the space to your favourite color paint. Our team then takes the virtual moodboard we created together, and starts to draw, model, mix, match, trim, and budget different concepts.


If the huge cloud of "stuff" you dreamt up before was making you nervous, then you can start to rest easy. In a few collaborative iteration rounds, one of these concepts will grow into a full-fledged, comprehensive design plan and construction blueprint. We’ll have everything picked out so you don’t have to sweat the details.


It may be hard to believe right now, but this is the part where all of your daydreams, ideas, and plans finally become a reality. We've worked out each detail and know just about everything you can imagine, like what color your bathroom tile grout will be to just exactly where that awesome poster will be hung. Now we’ll help you work with the construction crew to get the job done according to plan and deliver a space that looks even better than it did on paper.

Who we are

Since our very earliest days, we Bunyik girls have loved working together as a team, starting off small in the beginning and scaling our projects with time. We went from redesigning our shared room on an almost weekly basis as kids, to recently redesigning our parents’ entire home, from the conceptual plans all the way up to the handover.
Somewhere in the time between building legos and building real houses, Bettina graduated with a degree in economics and then, in keeping with our family tradition, became a mechanical engineer. Emese followed her passion for design and went on to become an architectural engineer. To this day we complement each other well; we've built Studio Bunyik on our spirit of teamwork, and it provides the foundation for our collaborations with other designers and architects.


Emese     I      Bettina


"Egyfajta komplex pszichológiai, organizációs játék mindezt harmóniában tartani, hogy a belsőépítészeti megoldások kiszolgálják az adott célközönséget."

Nők Lapja Enteriőr 2017 tavasz

"A siker a legkisebb részletek kidolgozásában rejlett; minden apróságnak jelentősége volt."


"Egy labirintusos, komplikált lakást sikerült nyitott, fényes, átjárható térré alakítani, amiben a visszafogottságra törekvő pár minden kelléknek és tevékenységnek ideális és elegáns helyet talál."

A mi otthonunk 2017/02

"az elegáns és némi indusztriális keretben egy színes városi dzsungel burjánzik."

A mi otthonunk 2017/03


"Samtliga golvlager och vägglager har renove- rats, och Emese har vinnlagt sig om att kombinera ljusa, klara ytor med så mycket som möjligt av husets eklektiska, ornamentala arv."

Tidskriften Rum - 2017/01

"What we love about the result is the free open space and the combination of pre-war style
elements with our bohemian new finds."

Apartment Therapy