Pele Project

A few years ago we stumbled upon the bones of a perfect getaway house. At the time it was ruled by dormice, but three generations working together transformed the kingdom into a warm familial space in the picturesque Danube bend.

Two years ago, I redesigned our weekend house as a Christmas present. The original structure, atmosphere, and essence stayed, with a loft and a few additional comforts added on. Everyone played a part in the planning, from choosing the carpeting to sanding the small details. Our family values the romance of building our own weekend houses, so we did most of the renovation ourselves.

The main space is open with a lot of nooks to tuck away into. The central piece is a four person bed to dally around in while it stores most of the house’s necessities. A small, comfortable staircase leads up to a children’s play space outfitted with a reading hammock. Windows on three sides look out onto the garden’s majestic oak tree and the Visegrád castle guards us on the terrace.

Sustainability is key. We collect and use rainwater, use little electricity, compost, and stay minimal. At night we have the perfect space to read, talk, play board games, and recharge organically.